Kyoto Universitiy Environmental Innovator Program -Cultivating Environmental Leaders across ASEAN Region

Educational Program

EIP offers a Double Degree Program involving Kyoto University and partner universities throughout the ASEAN region.

Students from partner universities study at Kyoto University for one year and at their home university for two years. After the three-year course completion period, a successful student will earn two master’s degrees. Normally, this takes four years. However, EIP enables students to earn two master’s degrees within three years by means of a credit transfer scheme.

Although schedule details differ depending on the student’s home university, the model course is as follows. Students from ASEAN partner universities spend their first year studying at their home university. Then, during their second year, students come to Kyoto University to study global environmental studies for one year. After one year at Kyoto University, students then return to their home university and complete their master’s research. After the final thesis review, two different kinds of master’s degrees will be conferred – including a Master in Global Environmental Studies from GSGES at Kyoto University.

This Double Degree Program offers not only an opportunity to attain two master’s degrees in a shorter time than normal, but also provides valuable experience for students. The experience gained in studying at Kyoto University, staying in Japan and interacting with students and researchers from diverse backgrounds will enrich and help realize each student’s potential. We welcome inquisitive, hard-working and global-minded individuals ready to take part in leading the way to a sustainable future.