Kyoto Universitiy Environmental Innovator Program -Cultivating Environmental Leaders across ASEAN Region

Environmental Innovator

The Environmental Innovator Program (EIP) — Cultivating Environmental Leaders across the ASEAN Region — is a new program at the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, GSGES. It aims to strengthen our research and educational capacity through an intensive program of academic exchanges involving 11 partner universities throughout the ASEAN region.
Rapid economic growth in the ASEAN region has created serious environmental and social problems, ranging from water degradation and improper waste management to traffic congestion and deforestation. At the same time, business relationships and academic networks between ASEAN counties and Japan have been steadily increasing.
Against such a backdrop, the Environmental Innovator Program (EIP) aims to cultivate the development of environmental innovators who can perform a leadership role, possess a deep understanding of ASEAN cultures and have excellent communication skills in local languages so that they are equipped to effectively tackle environmental challenges. A great deal of emphasis is, therefore, put on the creation of a double-degree master’s program.